He did not know how
Nor did he know why
All he knew was her
And as the days grew longer
Having not seen her smile
Settle under the falling sun
His heart tore itself in agony
Her absence was too much to bare


If the crushed arms of Abbas,

Broke the back of Hussain,

Then what the heart of Hussain,

When he saw the shattered ribs of Fatima?

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Tasooa/ Ashoora Bazar Tehran/Iran 2013. (In Ansel Adam Style)

Tasooa and Ashoora are the celebration of the heroic action of Imam hosein and his 72 followers who were martyred in Karballa located in todays’ Iraq. Shiat Muslims everywhere in the world mourn in these two days and celebrate their heroism. (YA HUSSAIN)

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