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Laylatul Qadr in the shrine of Imam Ridha (as) in Mashhad, Iran 

SubhanAllah I miss Mashhad soo much!!

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And to sit by nameless shores,
It taught me to weep without tears

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Munajat Imam Ali - Part 1

Munajat of Ameerul Mo’mineen (as) - Part 1 

Surrender yourselves to the spoken truths of Ameerul Mo’mineen (as) and let your souls take flight.
Let the esoteric beings within traverse the boundaries of this world and take refuge under the throne of their Lord (swt).
Let the cloak of His mercy comfort your frightened souls just as a mothers love protects and brings comfort to her child.
If only for a moment, remove the veils between you and the Beloved (swt) and let His majesty blind you, so your eyes become incapable of seeing other than Him.


If one of you sees an evil being committed and is unable to forbid it with his hand or tongue and forbids it with his heart, while Allah knows the truth of his intention, then it is as if he has forbidden it.

Amirul Mo’minin Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع) Ghurar al-Hikam p. 90, h. 6 (via shiaislam)

This really hit home for me. How often is it that we see things in our day to day lives which we acknowledge subconsciously to be wrong yet in reality these same triggers fail to ignite any emotion within us. How often, if ever, does grief and sorrow overwhelm our hearts when we are witness to the very sins our oaths condemn? When did our faith become deceived by the dark fog of ignorance. When did we unknowingly submit to the world and allow ourselves to be enslaved, dressed in the chains of temptation and desire?

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