Give me a daughter with your
Stubborn heart, or your even temper.
Give our children your dark-bright eyes,
Or your enchanted smile.
So that even when we are gone,
The world will find within them
All of the reasons why I loved you.

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Waqt bhi leta hai karwatein najane kaisi kaisi. Umar itni to nahi thi, jitne sabaq seekh liye hum ne.

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Imam Musa Sadr and His Family

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Indeed, my loss of Fatima after the loss of Ahmad is a proof that no lover shall last.

Imam Ali (as) when he was informed about the passing away of Sayyedah Fatima (sa)

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I soaked up her scent and her presence
As the earth does water after famine
Visciously and without restraint
Who knows how long would pass
Before I was to once again
Feel the heavens open on my skin
She had this insatiable desire
Like the desert plains which yearn
For the sun’s burning heat
Never before had I seen eyes
Filled with such fervour and want
Besides her, I was hopeless