Our minds consist of an intricate network of neurones more complex than the entire known universe itself. Our souls, a higher intangible existence within our perishable physical manifestation. The garden of possibilities unfathomable, infinite doors of knowledge beyond the grasp of time and it’s comprehension. And yet to think, we spend our entire lives ignorant of what is within us, happily distracted and amused by our frivolous desires.
When questioned by God (swt) upon our arrival; what have you achieved during the passage of your journey? What will be our answer.

To be Godly.

God is.
Above all else.
The necessary.
He needs not.
Nor does he desire.

Obey me.
He Whispers.
Be like me.
He calls out.
And I shall.
Make you like me.


.لم أعرف أبداً أن الدمع هو الإنسان, أن الإنسان بلا حزن ذكرى إنسان

I never really knew that a tear is what makes a man, that a man without sadness is but a vestige of a man.

Nizar Qabbani